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    Thunder Training Camp Profiles: Paul Watson Jr.

    Thunder Training Camp Profiles: Paul Watson Jr.
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    Thunder Training Camp Profiles: Aaron Wiggins

    Thunder Training Camp Profiles: Aaron Wiggins
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    Baze is Defensive-Minded

    What is Thunder forward Darius Bazley focused on this season? It all starts with defense.
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    SI Top 100: Where is SGA?

    Sports Illustrated Top 100: Thunder’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Among Top 30 Players in NBA
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    Could A Thunder Two-Way Player Get Promoted?

    Thunder: Which Two-Way Player Could Convert During Season?
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    Projecting the Thunder Depth Chart: Centers

    Projecting the Thunder Depth Chart: Centers
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    Kevin Love to OKC?

    Kevin Love reportedly has no interest in a buyout. Should the #Thunder be calling to help Cleveland out? With their cap flexibility, the Cavs could attach an asset to dump Love to OKC.
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    Thunder Prospect Eval: Josh Hall

    Thunder Prospect Evaluation: Josh Hall
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    Thunder Prospect Eval: Derrick Favors

    Thunder Prospect Evaluation: Derrick Favors
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    Thunder Schedule Breakdown

    Hardest stretches of the #Thunder’s upcoming season? The very beginning and end. Breaking down these matchups:
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    No center? No problem.

    No center? No problem. #Thunder don’t have their young center of the future, but that’s not a problem.
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    Grade the Thunder’s Offseason

    What grade would you give Sam Presti for OKC’s offseason?
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    Two-Ways: Hall & Wiggins

    OKC #Thunder Lock In Both Two-Way Spots
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    Summer League Takeaways

    Thunder Summer League: Three Takeaways
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    Thunder SL Recap

    Weren’t able to tune into NBA Summer League to watch the #Thunder? No worries, we’ve recapped the week here:
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    Final Summer League Game

    Game Preview: Thunder Match Up With Spurs In Final Summer League Contest
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    Thunder Playing Spurs in Final SL Contest

    NBA Summer League: #Thunder Set To Play Spurs In Final Game
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    Thunder rookie Tre Mann might still be growing

    Tre Mann grew two inches and gained 15 pounds before his sophomore year at Florida before he took over as the team’s best player. Is he still growing?
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    Per Adrian Wojnarowski, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has agreed to a five-year, $172 million maximum rookie contract extension 2022/23- $29.75M 2023/24- $32.13M 2024/25- $34.51M 2025/26- $36.89M 2026/27- $39.27M Thoughts, Thunder fans...
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    2022 NBA Mock Draft

    The 2022 NBA Draft is over ten months away, but it’s never too early to start looking at who the top prospects are. Introducing the SI Thunder ‘way too early’ 2022 NBA Mock Draft...